WebApp development

Digital is necessary to strengthen your business.

We develop business management systems to simplify internal processes and allow individual departments to share important data and information. We can create a unique system, designed according to your internal organization, to allow production, administration, commercial and marketing departments to dialogue on the same platform, to optimize time and increase company turnover. Support decisions and offer an exclusive service to your customers with our artificial intelligence systems. Take full advantage of the computing potential of computers to analyze the data collected, study trends and refine medium and long-term commercial and marketing strategies.

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What we do

Business management

What are the advantages of a webapp?

vantaggi web app gestionale aziendale mdslab

A webapp is accessible everywhere.

Like a portable office. Increase productivity thanks to an application reachable from workstations in the company, from home, from smartphones and tablets on the move.

Simple update.

No installation files, patches or updates to download and run on all the devices in your company. We take care of installing the updated version of your webapp on the server.

Highly customizable.

With standardized software you are forced to adapt your needs to the technical specifications of the management system. Improve business performance with the help of an application designed and designed exclusively on your needs.

Low costs.

Optimize your investments. Reduce costs for the purchase and maintenance of hardware and invest in staff training, in the design and improvement of your application.

How we make our webapps or saas

We create your management software or your web service in a highly efficient way. Our technology stack is based on the most advanced technologies on the market: NodeJS, React, Pug, Sequelize, NoSQL Database, SQL, Mongo DB, Socket.io, Redis.

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