Shampora, the artificial intelligence for your hair

Shampora creates products tailored to the hair of every person

Artificial intelligence for the automatic selection of ingredients for customized product formulas

CMS owner for the management of ingredients, warehouse

E-commerce proprietary to manage payments through Braintree, PayPal

Management: warehouse, suppliers, orders and shipping courier integration

Dashboard Statistics, Cohort and Reorder Analysis

Dashboard Shampora mdslab

Technological stack used

nodejs mdslab
koa mdslab
sequelize mdslab
postgres mdslab
react mdslab
redux mdslab

Project development

We have developed the back office for the operational management of Shampora following 3 fundamental concepts: simplicity velocity and intuitiveness.

The goal was to create a system that could digitize every single aspect of the business: from warehouse management, to ingredient selection, to statistical analysis and much more.

The Shampora back office allows the management of three macro areas:

  • Laboratory
  • Operations
  • Statistics

As regards the management of the Laboratory through the platform it is possible to insert and modify ingredients and active ingredients used in customized cosmetic formulations.
We have developed an Artificial Intelligence that automatically selects the most suitable ingredients for the formulation of each customized product based on the data collected regarding the type of hair and the cosmetic benefits desired by each individual customer.

The area Operations  covers all operational aspects of the business: through the back office, Shampora has complete  warehouse management (entry and exit of primary and secondary packaging, raw materials, office tools, and so on) with stock availability monitoring.

We have designed an integrated  order management  dashboard - via API - with couriers for the automatic creation of shipments and a section dedicated to user management.
For  payment management, we have developed a proprietary e-commerce integrated with the Paypal and Braintree system.

Through the back office, Shampora has access to the section Statistics: we have created an intuitive and customized interface for the main KPIs of the business (customer analysis, orders, turnover and so on) with the possibility of applying filters for comparative analysis. There is a last section dedicated to automatic  Cohort Analysis  to monitor business performance over time.