Shampora portfolio MDSLab

Project Type

Custom Management System


Node.js, Koa, Sequelize, PostgreSQL


React, Redux, Webpack

Project promise

Create the perfect product for your hair through a consultation

What the project does

Curly, straight, frizzy, oily hair. We all need tailored shampoo and conditioner to best care for the scalp. But with so many different preparations, how to choose? We have three choices: to become experts in preparations and ingredients or to rely on an expert who knows how to identify the right product for us. Or we rely on Shampora. Shampora helps you create a customized product for your hair. Without losing your mind.

What need does it satisfy

A single tool to manage the Shampora world, in a simple, fast and intuitive way. Sharing data within SMEs is a crucial node of Digital Transformation. The Shampora back office allows the cosmetic laboratory, administration and marketing office to share all the information that revolves around the business in real time. The data processed by the system directs and supports decisions on communication campaigns, market research, investments and product innovation

How we made it

The Shampora back office is divided into 3 management macro-areas: Laboratory, Operations and Statistics.

  • Laboratory . The section manages the inventory of ingredients and active ingredients used for formulate customized products. Through an Artificial Intelligence system, Shampora proposes to users the most suitable ingredients to package customized products based on data on the type of hair and the expected cosmetic benefits.
  • Operation . The macro-area manages all operational aspects: warehouse - entry and exit of packaging, raw materials, office tools - with inventory level monitoring; order management integrated - via API - with couriers for the automatic creation of shipments and a section dedicated to User Management; proprietary e-commerce integrated with Paypal and Braintree payment systems.
  • Statistics . The section allows the monitoring of the main KPIs to analyze the Shampora results - ex. customer, order, turnover analysis - and check growth trends. The data they can be integrated or segmented for more in-depth and specific - cohort - analysis to monitor business performance over time, by target, by user behavior.