MioAssicuratore portfolio MDSLab

Project Type

Mobile application in React Native


React Native

Project promise

Compare and take out insurance in a few simple steps.

What the project does

New policy to take out? With the MioAssurer app, people can find the ideal insurance online by comparing numerous quotes. Comparing various policies available on the market leads to numerous advantages such as savings.

What need does it satisfy

Each insurance company has its own price and finding the best price is always a waste of time. MioAssicuratore allows you to optimize the time spent searching for the policy and allows you to find the ideal policy. People nowadays have various insurance policies for cars, motorcycles, or personal insurance, and remembering the deadlines for all of them is always a business. Through MioAssicuratore it is possible to insert all the policies in order to constantly monitor the insurance situation.

How we made it

The MioAssicuratore application was developed in React Native. Thanks to this framework it was possible drastically reduce development times to have two distinct applications for iOS and Android.

The MioAssicuratore application has custom graphics and we followed the guidelines of the graphic to create it who produced the mockups on Figma.

The application consists of a Tab Bar navigation that allows you to quickly move between a section and the other using the buttons at the bottom.

The MioAssicuratore application has 5 main sections:

  • Home: summary section with expiring and expired policies with the possibility of add a new policy.
  • Estimates: section for requesting a new estimate and to contact support to get advice.
  • Support: a dedicated consultant and call to action to quickly contact the service customers or the administrative office.
  • Claims: section to open a claim and see the status of open claims.
  • Profile: personal information and the ability to edit it.

The forms for inserting the policy or claim include the upload of documents and photos.