Doeasy, management for industrial ventilation

Selection software and management (back office) for industrial fan manufacturers.

Selection software for customers wishing to purchase industrial fans

View, insert, edit and delete data

Language management


Access to levels

Frontend site customization for each manufacturer

Dashboard Doeasy mdslab

Technological stack used

nodejs mdslab
koa mdslab
sequelize mdslab
postgres mdslab
react mdslab
redux mdslab

Project development

Doeasy is a customized management software for the ventilation industry, designed and developed for Recov, a leading company in Europe for the construction of Wind Tunnels, necessary for testing industrial ventilation products.

Designed by Recov, designed and developed by MDSLab, Doeasy is a management selection software for industrial fans, which allows, thanks to a dedicated algorithm, to find the fan that fits best to the required needs by inserting only flow and pressure.

Before Doeasy the calculation of the parameters was long and complex, and the search for fans was manual.

With Doeasy, Recov has speeded up the calculation time of the parameters and has reduced the search time of the product, offering its customers a useful and highly appreciated tool.

For each Recov customer, a front-end with customized graphics and a business management system was developed:

For each website we have created a search section, one for the product catalog and one for the settings.


In the search section, entering the flow rate and pressure parameters, the algorithm calculates, searches and processes the fans that are most suitable for the user's needs.
A sheet will be displayed with various graphs and tables describing the functionality of the product.
Furthermore, it will be possible to download the product sheet in PDF, making it easier to exchange information between customers.


In this section dedicated to the catalog, all the products of each customer are present, giving customers the possibility to digitize their paper catalog, thus creating a more fluid and faster service.


If you want to perform a more accurate search, in the section dedicated to the settings it is possible to change the units of measurement, to achieve a more precise and scrupulous calculation.

The websites are multilingual

With management panel, the administrator can manage the languages and texts with the related translations.

Doeasy management panel

Through the tiered management panel, each Recov customer has his own access, from which he can insert and manage all his products in an autonomous and simple way, manually or by importing csv files.
Moreover from the management panel it is possible to view and download the QR Code of each product.
Finally, to better understand market needs and customer searches, you can view graphs and statistics.