About Us

About Us - MDSLab

MDSLab is a group of freelance professionals with interest and involvement in technology and information technology.

We are a comunity where the team makes the difference, a team that is always up to date and growing.

In MDSLab, elaborating and developing a project expresses ourselves as people and professionals.

With our customers we collaborate in an active and dynamic way, we like to share a common vision by bringing added values, in order to obtain a winning entry on the market by offering a competent service that finds the best solutions.

Our Team

Davide Polano - MDSLab

Davide Polano

FullStack Web Developer

Cristina Cucinotta - MDSLab

Cristina Cucinotta

Software Engineer

Davide Neri - MDSLab

Davide Neri

Android and iOS Developer

Gianni Salvatore - MDSLab

Gianni Salvatore

Web Developer and UI/UX Designer